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Submit Your BruxZir Solid Zirconia Testimonials

Fill out the form below and tell us what you think of BruxZir Solid Zirconia crown & bridge restorations. Your comments may be posted on our website or used in future Glidewell marketing.
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"I love the Bruxzir crown! I have been using these as my 'go to' crown of choice ever since Glidewell introduced it a few years ago. I am able to be conservative on my prep and still obtain superior strength... a win-win for me. Love the esthetic outcome too!"

– Roy Joseph, DDS, Suger Land, TX

"This patient's anterior case came out great. I just wanted to share the before-and-after photos with you. BruxZir keeps surprising us."

– Janet S., DDS, Oaklawn, IL
Ceramics by Precision Ceramics Dental Laboratory, Montclair, CA

"I have placed three BruxZir crowns so far and am truly impressed. They provide a great fit and very acceptable esthetics – better than advertised! I also appreciate their affordability. Looking forward to placing my next one."

– Darryl Eighmey, DDS, Monroe, MI

"I have now delivered four BruxZir crowns, and I see no reason to go back to porcelain-to-metal crowns. BruxZir has been great. I can finish supragingival or at the gingiva with no ‘shadow.' "

– Howard S. Cohen, DDS, Plano, TX

"Whatever the explanation, BruxZir started off with a humble claim, 'More brawn than beauty,' and surprised everyone by becoming the lab's new prom queen. In an industry where most ads directed to dentists and patients are littered with beautiful people and sparkling smiles, BruxZir said, 'Look, I'm not pretty, but I'm better looking than a metal occlusal!' I think that by creating low expectations and then over-delivering in the esthetics department, dentists were floored and fell in love with this remarkable little restoration."

– Mark C. Jackson, RDT, Montclair, CA

"Why should you be interested in this monolithic concept of a solid zirconia crown? One of the big reasons is when you fuse porcelain to a metal substructure or a zirconia substructure, there is always the possibility that those two layers are going to come apart. The best-case scenario is a small chip on the porcelain that you might be able to polish off. The worst case is the porcelain completely fracturing, exposing the substructure and requiring replacement. So one of the big benefits of having a monolithic zirconia restoration is the fact that nothing can chip off of it since we don't have two materials that are fused together. It's all made out of one homogeneous material, in this case tough zirconia oxide. The next time you want cast gold and the patient doesn't, give BruxZir a try!"

– Michael DiTolla, DDS, FAGD, Newport Beach, CA

"BruxZir zirconia crowns hold up very well to the PFM crowns that go on 90 percent of my patients. And compared to a gold crown, they are hugely better. Recently, a patient chose the zirconia crown. She said it fit like a glove, and she loved the appearance much better. We agree."

– Vu Le, DDS, Lake Forest, CA

"I just recently completed a few BruxZir crown cases, and I must say I was pretty impressed with the product. Although the esthetics are lacking (as stated by Glidewell), I find the fit and margins to be excellent. I think these crowns adapt even better than NobelProcera and IPS e.max crowns."

– David Rahr, DDS, Kings Park, NY

"Finally, an esthetic option to full-cast gold crowns! The fit of BruxZir Solid Zirconia is fantastic (similar to, if not better than CAD/CAM, IPS e.max® crowns), with a lesser chance of failure than PFM crowns. I also find the esthetics better than advertised."

– Lou Theodorou, DMD, FAGD, Glen Ridge, NJ

"The reaction to BruxZir when talking to our accounts is the same. It's like a light came on because everyone has a patient that requires a virtually unbreakable crown. Maybe the patient is a grinder or maybe the patient isn't very friendly, so the Dr. and staff wants to ensure there will be fewer problems."

– Daniel Lanier, The Lab 2000, Columbus, GA

"I have been prescribing BruxZir for several months and I have been very impressed with the fit and esthetics. I don't do PFMs on molars anymore and do very few gold crowns, too. This is a leap forward."

– Timothy Percarpio, DMD, Mechanicsburg, PA

"After five successful individual crowns (single units), we delivered our first BruxZir 3-unit bridge (teeth #28-30) and were very happy with the fit and margins. Bitewing radiographs verified excellent margins and there was practically no adjustments needed. I think we prevented a prophylactic root canal treatment on tooth #28 by choosing this material, which allows less reduction when interocclusal clearance is tight."

– Nader Zanzi, DMD, Granite Bay, CA

"I have completed only three BruxZir crowns, all with traditional finishing lines. The fit is perfect and, having been told in advance of its less than perfect esthetics, the three patients were delighted with the result. So was I."

– Edward Kornbluh, DDS, New York, NY

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