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Digital Impression Systems

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Instructions – Upload Digital Files via "My Account"
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Digital Impression Systems Overview

Digital impression systems save you time and money and provide great convenience for your busy practice. Currently, we accept digital impression scans for Align Technology’s Cadent iTero™, IOS Technologies' IOS FastScan®, 3M ESPE's Lava™ C.O.S. and 3M™ True Definition Scanner, Sirona's CEREC® and 3Shape’s TRIOS®. With digital impressions, you’ll save $10 on impression material and trays and $7 on one-way overnight shipping. Save even more when you opt for model-free restorations using Cadent iTero, IOS FastScan, 3M True Definition, CEREC or TRIOS when prescribing BruxZir® Solid Zirconia, Obsidian™ or IPS e.max®.

CEREC® (Sirona)
Use Sirona Connect to send your CEREC files to Glidewell Laboratories and save $20 per unit by prescribing cases without model work for IPS e.max, Obsidian or BruxZir Solid Zirconia. Prescribe cases with model work (extra $22 model charge), such as bridgework, from your scan for the fabrication of virtually any ceramic restoration including PFMs, Prismatik CZ™, Lava™, Captek™ and others.

TRIOS® (3Shape)
Send your 3Shape TRIOS scans to Glidewell Laboratories using 3Shape Communicate™ and save $20 per unit on model-free cases for BruxZir Solid Zirconia, Obsidian or IPS e.max. TRIOS order forms can be customized to match Glidewell's specific information requirements and offerings, making it easy to create new orders, attach 2-D images and convey all case aspects to our lab. Minutes after your scanning is complete, our lab technicians can receive your TRIOS digital impressions and immediately start designing your model and restoration. When your design is complete, a 3-D model will automatically be sent to the 3Shape Communicate site for you to review before we begin fabricating your restoration.

Lava™ C.O.S. and True Definition Scanner (3M™ ESPE™)
Lava C.O.S. and True Definition Scanner users can contact 3M ESPE directly to have Glidewell Laboratories added to your list of “Favorite Labs.” Digital data will be sent to 3M ESPE for the production of a printed model and removable dies, and we will charge you $20 for the model. Or prescribe model-free IPS e.max, Obsidian or BruxZir restorations and save $20 per unit.

Cadent iTero™ (Align Technology, Inc.)
Cadent iTero users can contact Align Technology directly to have Glidewell Laboratories added to your list of "Favorite Labs." Choose to prescribe BruxZir Solid Zirconia, Obsidian or IPS e.max cases without model work for a savings of $20 per unit; just indicate this preference on your digital file.

Once we receive your digital data, we will mill your restoration as requested on the digital Rx. To request model work, your digital data will automatically be sent to Align Technology, the digital impression refined, and model and removable dies milled ($25 data processing fee per patient to dentist, plus $20 for lab model). Models are then shipped to our lab for fabrication.

IOS FastScan® (IOS Technologies)
Scan, send and save when using IOS FastScan for the fabrication of monolithic restorations from a digital scan file. Save $20 per unit off IPS e.max, Obsidian or BruxZir Solid Zirconia when you choose a model-free restoration. IOS FastScan offers improved ease of use thanks to its unique intraoral camera. The IOS camera scans 40 mm of dentition in a second, so all you have to do is hold the camera in position, while it does all the work. Image stabilization software compensates for hand movement, creating digital impressions with outstanding surface resolution and exceptional depth of field focus.

Uploading All Other Digital Files
Digital files can be uploaded in the "My Account" section of our website. Download instructions on how to upload digital files using our "My Account" online services. If you are a current customer not registered for this feature or if you are a new doctor, call us at 800-854-7256 to set up your account immediately.

Captek is a trademark of Argen. IPS e.max is a registered trademark of Ivoclar Vivadent. 3M and Lava are trademarks of 3M, 3M ESPE or 3M ESPE AG.

Digital Impression Gallery

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