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   Volume 7, Issue 2
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Clinical Tips
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Dr. DiTolla's Clinical Tips

Article by Michael C. DiTolla, DDS, FAGD

Product: Rebilda® Post System
Source: VOCO America Inc.
Briarcliff Manor, N.Y.

Considering that placing posts and cores isn't an everyday procedure for most dentists, it's surprising how many e-mails I get asking which post-and-core system I prefer. I continue to try different systems on an ongoing basis, but it's a niche filled with me-too products for the most part. I recently ordered the Rebilda Post System from VOCO America and was pleasantly surprised from the moment I opened the box and found the directions on the lid – the rest of the industry could learn a thing or two from VOCO about directions! Beyond that, the fiber posts are highly translucent, while being more radiopaque than the posts I was using before, and the drill sizes are well-matched to the post sizes. The kit also includes VOCO's bonding agent and dual-cure build-up material to ensure the chemistry will work to provide maximum retention. (Figure 1)

Product: GripStrip
Source: Centrix
Shelton, Conn.

It would be impossible to practice modern adhesive dentistry without finishing strips, yet I haven't seen many products to get excited about in the last few years. Enter GripStrip diamond-coated strips. Someone really smart over at Centrix realized how much easier it would be for dental professionals to control the use of metal finishing strips if there was a better way to hold onto them, and the perforated tabs at either end of these finishing and polishing strips solve that problem. There is an uncoated zone in the middle of each strip where there is no abrasive, allowing you to pull it through tight interproximal areas. Each strip also has a 40-micron grit side for finishing and a 15-micron grit side for polishing. It's pretty much the perfect interproximal strip. Here's hoping they come out with a serrated version for breaking through inadvertently fused contacts. (Figure 2)

Product: Luxatemp® Ultra
Source: DMG America
Englewood, N.J.

Has it really been two decades since Luxatemp was introduced? Much like when your oldest child turns 21, this is one of those times when you ask, "Where did the time go?" Maybe it's because Luxatemp has been my only chairside temporary material for 20 years, except when using BioTemps® provisionals. In the past, I hated not being able to reline BioTemps with Luxatemp, due to its quick-setting reaction. It was the only time I would have to break out the stinky methyl methacrylate. The new Luxatemp Ultra has an elastic phase, so you can pump the BioTemps up and down on the preps to ensure they don't get stuck in an undercut. Now, after being my longtime chairside temporary material of choice, Luxatemp's newest formulation has become my BioTemps reline material of choice as well. (Figure 3)

Product: Picasso® Lite
Indianapolis, Ind.

I use my diode laser on nearly half of my patients, typically for small amounts of gingival recontouring or pre-impression troughing. There really isn't any other instrument that can do what the diode does as quickly and as bloodlessly. When I ask most dentists why they don't have a diode laser in their operatory, it's always the same answer: "I'm waiting for the price to come down." Good news: That day has come. The affordable laser is here. You can now have a full-featured Picasso Lite diode laser in your practice, without losing any sleep over what you paid for it. Whether you use it to clean up tissue prior to taking an impression or seating a crown, perform a gingivectomy next to Class V decay, or make the clinical crown length of tooth #8 match tooth #9, you'll wonder how you ever lived without your Picasso Lite. (Figure 4)

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