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Dental Education Course: NobelProcera Zirconia Indications & Clinical Techniques NobelProcera Zirconia Indications & Clinical Techniques
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Course Objectives (2 Credits)

This presentation features three different clinical cases that will provide a closer examination at the consistency, esthetics and strength of this zirconia restoration. It will also feature some of the latest clinical equipment and techniques used. Participants that complete the presentation will acquire useful information in many areas, including the following:

  • Approach of single-unit anterior crowns with NobelProcera Zirconia crowns
  • Use of NobelProcera Zirconia for anterior bridges with ovate pontic receptor site
  • Combination of no-prep veneers and single-unit crowns on one case
  • Demonstration of the Reverse Preparation Technique and other tooth preparation techniques
  • Retraction methods, including cord-packing, for highly acceptable impressions
  • Many practice tips to help achieve desired esthetic outcomes
  • Several recommendations of dental instruments and materials


Three cases combine in this presentation to feature the benefits of NobelProcera Zirconia. NobelProcera has been known for consistency in its Alumina product, yet not much has been made of its zirconia-based restorations. A dive into the world of NobelProcera Zirconia will give a better understanding of the versatility and durability of this dependable restoration.

CAUTION: When viewing the techniques, procedures, theories and materials that are presented, you must make your own decisions about specific treatment for patients and exercise personal professional judgment regarding the need for further clinical testing or education and your own clinical expertise before trying to implement new procedures.


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