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Clear-Lock Retainers for Life™

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Lock your smile into place for life when you wear Clear-Lock Retainers for Life.

Retainers are designed to maintain your smile upon completion of orthodontic treatment. With Clear-Lock Retainers for Life, you not only get an appliance to help preserve tooth position, you get long-term access to a convenient retainer replacement service.

"For Life" means that when your retainers are ordered, the lab will create a digital scan of your model and then keep it on file for 30 years. If you lose or break your retainers, you won't have to make a return visit to your dentist for new impressions. Your dentist can simply prescribe you a new retainer!

In addition to being convenient, the digital data stored for your Clear-Lock Retainer can also be used to order a variety of other beneficial services in the future — bleaching trays, bite splints, anti-snoring devices and PlaySafe® sports mouthguards.

Clear-Lock Retainers for Life come in sets of three, so you'll always have spares on hand whether at work, home or in the car. Ask your dentist today if this service is right for you.

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