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Shipping Tutorials

Apply FedEx Label

  • Figure 1
    STEP 1: Before applying our FedEx Shipping Label to your FedEx bag, carefully package the items. Separate the impressions, models and Rx into bags for accurate identification. Place protective foam over the cases and seal the box securely with sturdy packing tape.
  • Figure 2
    STEP 2: Cover or remove any previous shipping or address labels.
  • Figure 3
    STEP 3: The small upper section of the FedEx label is your Tracking Receipt. Write the name(s) of the patient(s) on this Tracking Receipt and keep for future reference.
  • Figure 4
    STEP 4: Attach the large lower section of the FedEx label to your FedEx bag. Only one bar code and address should be visible.
  • Figure 5
    STEP 6: Put your case box inside of the FedEx bag.
  • Figure 6
    STEP 6: Call us at 800-854-7256 for your case pick-up.
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Video: Pack Your Case

Video: Articulator Boxes

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