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Revolutionize Your Practice: a™ Step-by-Step Workflow

See how™ makes the path to same-day dentistry easy with CAD/CAM technology.

August 3, 2022
Smile Bulletin Staff

When it comes to adopting digital technology in their practice, many doctors are hesitant to change. Whether they perceive a steep learning curve or prohibitively high cost, many miss out on the advantages of computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology by sticking to familiar methods and procedures instead.

That’s why the R&D team at Glidewell developed the™ In-Office Solution — a CAD/CAM system designed to provide dentists with a user-friendly, affordable path to single-visit restorations. Thanks to personalized training and integrated support directly from Glidewell every step of the way, this digital journey feels like a well-paved road instead of a maze. gives you the opportunity to simplify and control the restorative process.

To understand how can benefit your practice, let’s take a closer look at how we make every step easy and hassle-free.

Step 1: Digital Impressions

Using an intraoral scanner to create digital impressions is a great first step in the path to a digital workflow. Intraoral scanners not only promote a more comfortable patient experience by avoiding the traditional “goop” associated with impression trays, but they also deliver faster, more accurate clinical results. Using a high-accuracy laser, the device turns every detail of the patient’s mouth into a vivid 3D image. Doctors can then easily submit a digital file of their case to a dental lab for fabrication, or use a chairside mill to create same-day crowns.

  • An open system design means that the system is compatible with most intraoral scanners available on the market.
  • Doctors who opt to send their digital impressions to Glidewell for fabrication receive the care and attention from our Centralized Digital Order Processing (CDOP) department to evaluate, verify and prepare intraoral scanning data prior to restoration fabrication. This ensures that the virtual model used in digital restoration design is completely accurate before the fabrication process begins.
  • Glidewell recently partnered with Medit to launch the Scanning Solution. This high-speed scanner is uniquely optimized for dentists to easily send their case to Glidewell, or seamlessly upload digital impressions to the In-Office Mill for same-visit BruxZir® NOW restorations. delivers the speed, accuracy and lightweight build of the Medit i700, is available in both a wired and wireless version, and features no monthly subscription or licensing fees. can also be bundled with the iTero Element® line of scanners. features capture speeds of up to 70 FPS, weighs only 245 g and has a built-in UV-C LED disinfecting light to reduce the risk of contamination.

Step 2: Crown Design

Despite the multiple benefits of a CAD/CAM system, the process of designing crowns chairside can seem like a challenge better left for a skilled technician. However, artificial intelligence (AI) has become so advanced that any doctor can now design restorations chairside with minimal effort. Combining AI-assisted design backed by a proprietary algorithm that measures contacts, occlusion, shape and anatomy, the Software and Design Station simplifies crown design to a one-click automatic process:

  • CrownAI technology searches through the collective data retrieved from millions of crowns made by Glidewell — creating accurate morphological components ideal for your patient.
  • MarginAI uses machine-learning algorithms based on our database of cases to automatically mark margins for your approval.
  • With the system, the process of designing a crown is straightforward enough for a staff member to handle. Most of the time, doctors don’t even need to touch the mouse.
  • If you have a demanding case that requires additional support, a member of our dedicated customer support team can remotely access your system to help with design adjustments. Our technicians are also available via text, chat, email or phone.

Step 3: Chairside Milling

Traditionally, the process for receiving a crown has involved multiple appointments and a significant time investment between the dental practice and the patient. Patients are fitted with temporary restorations and require an additional appointment before finally getting their crown, which is typically produced by a dental lab outside the practice. In an effort to streamline restoration fabrication into a same-day result, Glidewell developed the™ In-Office Mill. The chairside mill is smaller than most microwave ovens, and gives doctors the ability to produce not only BruxZir NOW crowns, but restorations from other leading materials as well, all in one convenient appointment. eliminates the need for a zirconia sintering oven, giving you the flexibility to treat another patient while waiting for your crown to mill. Here’s why makes chairside milling easy:

The uses technologies originally developed for the laboratory production floor.
  • Unlike systems sold by a distributor, every mill is manufactured in-house by Glidewell at our facility in Irvine, California — providing unprecedented quality control and a design informed by the expertise of the largest, most technologically advanced U.S. dental lab.
  • We’ll send a team to your practice for a white-glove installation service plus a 1-day training session covering the entire workflow for your staff.
  • Along with immediate access to support through text, chat, email or phone, we assign you a dedicated client success manager to regularly check in with your practice to provide ongoing support.
  • We’ll fly you and a team member to our exclusive two-day advanced training course at our campus in Irvine, California. Meet and connect with other users while participating in hands-on workshops and training sessions to learn about the latest developments in your system. Then, top your trip off with an evening yacht cruise at Newport Harbor as the personal guest of our founder and president Jim Glidewell.
  • Enjoy monthly webinars that cover common case types, Q&A sessions with experienced clinicians and common topics that affect owners.
Scan, design, mill: Every step of the workflow is easy to learn, easy to use and fully backed by our customer support team.


CAD/CAM technology gives doctors the opportunity to revolutionize their practice. As we increasingly value convenience in dental care, the In-Office Solution proves to be beneficial to doctors and patients alike — doctors get the practice-boosting benefits of providing same-day crowns, while patients no longer have to make multiple appointments. Although digital dentistry can seem challenging, the In-Office Solution makes the process simple through AI-assisted crown design, and unparalleled support from our expert team. Whether you’re experienced with CAD/CAM technology or a newcomer, makes your journey to digital dentistry smooth, efficient and cost-effective.

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