BruxZir® Implant Prosthesis


*Price does not include shipping or applicable taxes and may vary when original equipment manufacturer (OEM) components are requested or required. No additional charge for multi-unit abutments. Copy mill service is also available.

Please note pricing is only available to dental professionals.

Constructed from 100 percent solid zirconia, the BruxZir® Implant Prosthesis is a lifelike, more durable alternative to the screw-retained hybrid denture, and avoids the chips, stains and fractures that can compromise acrylic appliances.

  • Constructed from 100% monolithic zirconia
  • Maximum resistance to chips, stains and fractures
  • Includes provisional try-in implant prosthesis
  • Hypoallergenic, wear compatible with enamel

A Durable, Lifelike Alternative to the Acrylic Hybrid Denture

Constructed from 100% solid zirconia, the BruxZir Implant Prosthesis provides the same superior stability and function as the screw-retained hybrid denture, but with a monolithic construction that avoids the chips, stains and fractures that can compromise acrylic appliances. With superior fracture toughness and an average flexural strength of 1,150 MPa, BruxZir Zirconia is the ideal material for withstanding the functional stresses that full-arch restorations must endure. And yet, the material is gentle to opposing dentition and hypoallergenic.

The BruxZir Implant Prosthesis includes a new and improved step-by-step protocol that streamlines the restorative process. Our five-appointment protocol, supported by instructional guides, videos and technical support staff, minimizes the likelihood of wax reset appointments and ensures a predictable outcome. A provisional try-in implant prosthesis is included to ensure that the patient and doctor are satisfied with the prosthetic design before the final restoration is milled from monolithic zirconia. The result is a highly accurate, exceptionally strong, lifelike restoration.

Note: The maximum strength BruxZir Implant Prosthesis is ideal for patients who have a strong bite, grind, or have damaged previous restorations. For maximum esthetics, we recommend the BruxZir Esthetic Implant Prosthesis.

Also available for partial-arch indications: The BruxZir Partial-Arch Implant Prosthesis is a more durable replacement for removable partial dentures.

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Monthly Prescriptions: BruxZir Implant Prosthesis vs. Screw-Retained Hybrid Denture

Since the product’s release in 2013, monthly prescriptions for the BruxZir Implant Prosthesis have steadily outpaced screw-retained hybrid dentures as clinicians have sought out a more durable implant solution for fully edentulous patients.

Clinical Studies



The BruxZir Implant Prosthesis is indicated as a fixed restorative solution for the fully edentulous arch.

Material Composition

100% monolithic zirconia with titanium connections

Strength Characteristics

1,150 MPa of flexural strength

In-Lab Working Times

Full Service:

  • Implant verification jig, custom tray and wax rim: 9 days
  • Wax setup: 5 days
  • Provisional try-in implant prosthesis: 6 days
  • Final BruxZir Implant Prosthesis: 8 days

Available Shades

  • Tooth shades: A1, A2, A3, A3.5, A4, B1, B2, B3, B4, C1, C2, C3, C4, D2, D3, D4
  • Gingival shades: G0 (light), G1 (Standard), G3 (Med), G4 (Dk)


Note: Prices may vary when original equipment manufacturer (OEM) components are requested or required for the chosen implant system.

  • Full Service: $3,399* per arch
  • Copy Mill With Provisional: $1,895 per arch
  • Copy Mill Without Provisional: $1,695 per arch
  • Partial-Arch (5-7 units) $1,795
  • Duplicate Provisional Implant Prosthesis: $455 per arch

*Fee is all-inclusive and covers all appointments, parts, materials and labor. No additional charge for multi-unit abutments. Half of payment is due after first appointment; half is due at final delivery.

Pricing is subject to change and does not include shipping or applicable taxes.

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Service Options

  • Full Service: Includes final prosthesis, provisional try-in implant prosthesis, labor, model work, analogs, setups, wax rims, try-ins, and custom trays with implant verification jig. No additional charge for multi-unit abutments.
  • Copy Mill With Provisional: Copy-mill from approved setup for provisional and full-arch zirconia prosthesis
  • Copy Mill Without Provisional: Copy-mill from approved setup for full-arch zirconia prosthesis

Implant System Compatibility

Flat-rate price available for BIOMET 3i™ Certain®; CAMLOG® SCREW-LINE; DENTSPLY Implants ANKYLOS® C/X and ASTRA TECH Implant System®; Hahn™ Tapered Implant System; HIOSSEN® HG System; Inclusive® Tapered Implant System; MegaGen AnyRidge® Implant System; Nobel Biocare Brånemark System® RP, NobelActive® and NobelReplace®; Straumann® Bone Level and Tissue Level; and Zimmer Dental Screw-Vent®. Prices may vary for other implant systems due to the need for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) components.

Inclusive is a registered trademark of Prismatik Dentalcraft, Inc. Hahn Tapered Implant is a trademark of Prismatik Dentalcraft, Inc. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

Policies & Warranty

NO-FAULT REMAKE POLICY: Glidewell is pleased to process all remakes or adjustments at no additional charge if requested within the warranty period and accompanied by the return of the original appliance.

NOTE: For copy-mill service, remakes or adjustments are not permitted unless due to manufacturer workmanship issues, such as fracture, incorrect shade and debonding. Design changes are not covered under warranty for restorations fabricated via the copy-mill service.

LIMITED WARRANTY/LIMITATION OF LIABILITY. Glidewell (“the lab”) warrants that all dental devices (a “device”) are made according to your specification and approval in the belief that the device will be useful and MAKES NO OTHER WARRANTIES INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Subject to the return of a device that is placed and then fails, the lab will repair or replace the device without charge for the cost of materials and workmanship or refund the original price paid, at the lab’s option, for the life of the patient originally receiving the restoration from the date of placement for the BruxZir Implant Prosthesis and 60 days for the provisional implant prosthesis.*

*Warranty is provided to the prescribing dentist and is nontransferable. For complete warranty details, go to


Clinical Tips

  • Tooth-colored composite or acrylic should be used to close access holes in the teeth, while pink composite or acrylic should be used to close access holes in the prosthesis base.
  • The implant verification jig provided by the lab for the final impression is crucial in helping ensure a passive fit for your restoration.
  • Gingival Shade Guides are recommended to help ensure an optimal match with the patient’s soft tissue, and are available here.


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