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Create long-lasting denture bite plates and more in-office with Erkoplast Thermoforming Discs. Compatible with the line of ERKODENT® countertop thermoforming machines, these discs are available in various thicknesses to suit various needs.

  • Available in a variety of options to suit several clinical needs
  • Easily create hard, durable bite plates and more in-office
  • Fabricated from BPA-free, biocompatible polylactide (PLA)

Erkoplast Creates Durable In-Office Base Plates and More

Erkoplast Thermoforming Discs make it simple to fabricate strong, durable bite plates, base plates and more right in your practice. Compatible with the line of ERKODENT countertop thermoforming units, these discs are made from BPA-free, biocompatible polylactide (PLA) material that stands up to long-term use.

Create custom impression trays for your patients, or fabricate and deliver single-visit denture base plates. Select from white or transparent discs in thicknesses of 3.0 mm (upper plates) or 4.0 mm thicknesses (lower plates) for use in custom impression trays, or from pink discs for denture base plates: (1.5 mm thicknesses for upper plates and 2.5 mm thicknesses for lower plates). Whatever your case requirements, Erkoplast discs allow you to provide your patient with exactly what they need within a single appointment.

ERKODENT is a registered trademark of ERKODENT Erich Kopp.

Erkoplast Thermoforming Disc Signature Image



Erkoplast Thermoforming Discs are indicated for use in the fabrication of in-office oral appliances with the compatible line of ERKODENT thermoforming units.

Material Composition

Polylactide (PLA)

Available Thicknesses

  • Erkoplast-PLA-R (Pink): 1.5 mm (upper plates), 2.5 mm (lower plates)
  • Erkoplast-PLA-W (White): 3.0 mm, 4.0 mm

Available Diameters

120 mm, 125 mm

Available Colors

  • Erkoplast-PLA-R: Pink
  • Erkoplast-PLA-W: White
  • Erkoplast-PLA-T: Transparent

Selected Usage Recommendations

To Fabricate Custom Impression Trays:

  • Erkoplast-PLA-W/-T: 3.0 mm (upper plates)
  • Erkoplast-PLA-W/-T: 4.0 mm (lower plates)

To Fabricate Denture Base Plates:

  • Erkoplast-PLA-R: 1.5 mm (upper plates)
  • Erkoplast-PLA-R: 2.5 mm (lower plates)



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